When Is It? We are still in the hands of COVID restrictions that currently prevent bikes from being transported on Eurostar. For that reason, we are likely to schedule this event for September 2022 but will need to confirm when we get the green light.

Who Can Join? Ideally this trip will be made up of people that the organisers know, or people one connection from them. Ie. if you have a really good cycle buddy that you would like to bring (and lets face it it helps with the training and maybe even the room sharing costs) then it does make sense.

How Are Costs Calculated? This is quite a challenge as the cost of the trip is dictated by the number of riders that can attend and the high number of variable costs that are associated with the logistics. Fuel for the support car, insurance, hotels, breakfasts, Eurostar, bike shipping, refreshments for the vehicle, parking money, ferry costs etc. jersey etc. In the event that there is a surplus amount when we arrive in Brussels, we put that towards the evening meal for all the riders and support crew so all the money for the trip does go on what is required for the trip.

What if I Get Lost? It hasn’t happened yet with previous trips. We work on simple rules and ensure everybody is briefed on this prior to departure. The main rule is, you don’t ever turn off a road, round-about or any other junction unless you know the rider behind you has seen where you are going. Likewise, nobody is permitted to ride on their own and everyone is required to carry a mobile phone. We provide all riders with the list of phone numbers for other riders as well of course as the support vehicle. For a small cost of £250 it is possible to buy a bicycle computer to track your route via GPS and of course there is always Google Maps! We will provide a small print out with a bread-crumb trail of the key places we will pass in order that you can always figure out where you are and where you need to be.

What Bike Skills Do I Need? It is important that you can fix a puncture on your own bicycle and that you have the equipment on you to do it.

What Type of Bike Will I Need? You will need a road bike as unfortunately any other bicycle is likely to be slower and also unsuitable for the types of surface we will mainly be using which is tarmac.

Where is my bike stored overnight? It will either be stored in your bedroom with you (bear that in mind if you are sharing) or ideally, if we can persuade the hotels in advance, a secure meeting room at the hotel which is something we have been successful with in the past.

Will I Need To Wear A Helmet? Yes they are mandatory on this trip.

What If I Struggle to Raise the Required Money for the Charity? Unfortunately, this is a pre-requisite for the trip as a lot of effort goes into the organisation with primary motive of raising funds. If you can’t raise the extra revenue, we will require that you make up the difference yourself and you will be agreeing to this as part of the Terms & Conditions. We should add that we know of no other trip of this scale that has such a low threshold and this is because we don’t want it to be a barrier of entry.

I like what the charity are doing, how can I help further? Great news! Ultimately, it is funds that they need and therefore this can donated directly to the charity. It would be great if you could do this through the pages we will set-up for the event as that way they can track the overall funds raised.

I‘m involved in a company, can I sponsor anything in return for a little publicity? Absolutely. There are lots of ways you can help and we have set-up a Sponsors page to offer some suggestions.

When Do I Need to Pay? We will require a holding deposit of £50.00 to secure your place and this is refundable in the event that the trip does not go ahead. Once we have sufficient numbers to make bookings and payments to hotels, ferries etc. we will confirm that the trip has been booked and a further payment to cover a total of 75% of the trip cost, including your deposit paid. The final 25% will be sought 6 weeks prior to departure. All payments will need to be via BACS as the organisers have set-up a specific bank account to administer exclusively for the trip itself.

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