This is an unofficial trip organised by me and is not a company event. It is important therefore that you acknowledge that you must take responsibility for yourself and your belongings regarding insurance as none is provided. If you crash into a car and damage it, as happened on a trip in 2018, you need to pay for it. If your bike is stolen, it’s going to cost you money to get home etc.

In 2018 one rider crashed into the side of a car causing damage to the bicycle and the car. The rider was the only person on the trip who opted for the £26.00 insurance and this covered her completely for the claim brought about by the driver. Fortunately the rider was OK and the bike was able to be used for the rest of the trip, but it could have been very expensive.

It is therefore essential that you have both travel insurance in place and rider 3rd party insurance.

As part of the trip I will have in place a membership with Cycling UK. By being a member as a group leader, you can qualify for a substantial discount on their cycling insurance. A summary of the benefits is listed below.

To find out more about the member benefits, visit:

Contact me for the membership number.

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