We would love you to get involved with sponsoring this trip. Exposure for the 2018 London to Paris KBB bike ride was huge and was featured various media channels both in print and digital for the various industries that were involved. Below for example is a fantastic group image with all riders wearing their Methven sponsored cycle jerseys.

We are offering various different sponsorship packages and these are covered below.


Methven Sponsored Cycling Jersey from 2018

By sponsoring one of the days cycling jerseys you ensure your company name and colours are splattered across the riders. These images are great for your own social media and can often attract attention in your trade press too.

There are only four days of cycling and on each day a different jersey is worn so register your interest fast. A sponsored jersey will be at cost per jersey (£60) plus a further £500 for the charity.


A Rider Sponsored By Their Company To Participate

If you don’t know anyone on the trip directly but you wish to sponsor, you can donate via the DONATE page on the Main Menu.

Support Vehicle

Support Vehicle

The support vehicle is a hugely important part of the trip as we can’t do the ride without it. The vehicle starts in London and it’s first jobs is to be loaded up with all the bags of the riders, water bottles, first aid, energy gels and all other trip bits and pieces. It will loosely follow the riders on a pre-planned route throughout the three day journey to Brussels and the support crew will always be joining the riders for lunches and evening meal. The vehicle will then return, via road and ferry, to London with all the bikes and rider equipment, to London where it will meet the riders who return via Eurostar to London St Pancras/Kings Cross.

You can help by:

  • Offering to pay for the support vehicle rental for the trip. This will generate a surplus of the rider funds which can be donated to charity as without this donation the riders must fund this themselves.
  • Fund the on-board refreshments, first aid and maintenance consumables for the riders, plus a donation.
  • Make a sizeable donation to the charity and we will ensure that your details are fully included on all press information and banners used in the trip.

Alternatively, you can provide a one-off donation via the DONATE button and this money will go straight to the charity itself.

Let’s build something together.

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